NJ DWI Lawyer

nj dwi lawyerNJ DWI Defense

A NJ DWI lawyer can help you to defeat your case, and the Law Offices of Thomas Russel can help.  After gathering all of the discovery related to your case, we will devote a substantial amount of time reviewing your case with you. After reviewing the case, we will help you in establishing a goal for your DWI/DUI case. To achieve the best possible result, we will address additional factors beyond the legal and factual issues, which will result in the ultimate outcome. You can learn how to deal with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges in New Jersey.

Experienced DWI Defense Team

We provide the highest level of representation in assisting our clients through the rigors of a DWI case and have been recognized for providing this level of representation by different rating services.  In addition to assisting in defending DWI cases, we devote considerable time to education and reform of DWI laws.

New Jersey DWI Cases can be defeated.  A NJ DWI Attorney with the right tactics can potentially have the charges against you dismissed.  Challenging the Alcotest reading, field sobriety tests, or probably cause for the vehicle stop can provide successful defense for your NJ DWI.